Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Register Registration Record

Registrant - Organisation
Business name Australia Pty Ltd
Trading name
ABN 97608607978
Foreign business registration number
Activity type Parliamentary lobbying
Activity start date 10/03/2019
Activity end date 07/09/2020
Activity description Australia Pty Ltd hosts petitions on its website initiated by members of the public.  These petitions may seek to influence members of Parliament and thereby constitute Parliamentary lobbying. Australia Pty Ltd may, on occasion, assist by communicating the petition to the relevant member of Parliament.
Foreign Principal
Foreign principal type Foreign political organisation
Foreign principal commencement date 07/08/2019
Foreign principal cease date 07/09/2020
Name of foreign principal, PBC
Description of the arrangement with the foreign principal Australia Pty Ltd is an indirect subsidiary of, PBC and on occasion will undertake activities under an arrangement, or in collaboration, with, PBC.