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Activity start date 11/11/2021
Activity end date 31/03/2022
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 In a recent article for Foreign Affairs, the Biden administration’s incoming Indo-Pacific Coordinator, Kurt Campbell, writing with Rush Doshi, calls for a strategy to restore balance and legitimacy to the Indo-Pacific. They observe that the scale and pace of China’s economic and military rise, combined with the disruptive effects of some recent American policy, have together destabilised the region. They argue that the United States must conceive a strategy, in collaboration with its allies and partners, that restores both a balance of power to the Indo-Pacific and a collective belief in the legitimacy of its rules and norms.
The 2021 Australia-India-Japan Trilateral will explore what that strategy should look like, what allies and partners should do to craft and refine it, and what is needed to achieve a more robust regional balance of power and a more legitimate set of rules, norms, and institutions.
Participants from academia, think tanks, the media, and government in Australia, India, and Japan will be asked to address a range of issues around the above.
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Name of foreign principal Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japan)
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan has awarded the Griffith Asia Institute grants for the following symposiums:
2018 Australia-India-Japan Trilateral Dialogue: “The Evolving Strategic Dynamics of the Indo-Pacific”
12 December 2017 – 31 March 2018
2019 Australia-India-Japan Trilateral Dialogue: “Leadership, Partnership and ASEAN Centrality in the Emerging Indo-Pacific”
19 June 2019—30 November 2019
2020 Australia-India-Japan Trilateral Dialogue: “The Strategic Dynamics of the Indo-Pacific in a Post-Covid World” 
24 November 2020 – 31 January 2021