Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Register Registration Record

Registrant - Organisation
Business name Extinction Rebellion ACT
Trading name
Foreign business registration number
Activity type General political lobbying
Activity start date 01/09/2019
Activity end date
Activity description
 Holding of public demonstrations and other activities, upskilling XR members.
Foreign Principal
Foreign principal type Foreign political organisation
Foreign principal commencement date 14/01/2021
Foreign principal cease date
Name of foreign principal XR Global Support
Description of the arrangement with the foreign principal
XR Global Support is an international support body for XR national and local groups, facilitating the flow of resources and material between groups and offering support in the form of trainings, funding and general comms. XR as a whole is a movement - it is not a legal entity and it is not controlled by anyone or any other legal entity. What is referred as Extinction Rebellion is a movement managed in a self-organising system. It is a volunteer-led movement. There are no employees, managers or bosses.