Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Register Registration Record

Registrant - Organisation
Business name FTI Consulting
Trading name FTI Consulting
ABN 49160397811
Foreign business registration number
Activity type General political lobbying
Activity start date 30/03/2022
Activity end date 30/09/2023
Activity description
 As described in the registrant's agreement with NuSource LLC, the registrant will provide the foreign principal with strategic communications and government relations services related to the development of the Greater Sunrise fields in the Timor Sea. This may include intelligence gathering, stakeholder mapping, narrative development, development of materials, and digital, media, and/or government engagement.
Foreign Principal
Foreign principal type Foreign government related entity
Foreign principal commencement date 16/06/2022
Foreign principal cease date
Name of foreign principal Timor GAP, E.P.
Trading name
Foreign business registration number
Description of the arrangement with the foreign principal
TIMOR GAP, E.P. is Timor-Leste's national oil company, established in 2011 under Degree Law No.31/2011. Its main objective is to act on behalf of the State in conducting business within the petroleum and gas sector. TIMOR GAP is a state-owned company, under the supervision of the Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals. Through an agreement with NuSource LLC, FTI Consulting will provide strategic communications and government relations services to TIMOR GAP, E.P..