Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Register Registration Record

Registrant - Individual
Full name David Palmer
Other names the registrant is or has been known by
Occupation Retired Management Consultant
Activity type Parliamentary lobbying
Activity start date 04/09/2019
Activity end date 04/09/2019
Activity description
 E-mail to four Western Australian senators, to the members for Brand and Dennison advising:   "I bring to your attention that the draft final report of the study into the collapse of WTC7, the third building to collapse in New York city on 911, by Professor Leroy Hulsey of the University of Alaska Fairbanks which is available for download here:
Foreign Principal
Foreign principal type Foreign political organisation
Foreign principal commencement date 07/02/2019
Foreign principal cease date 29/09/2019
Name of foreign principal Truth Outreach Inc. aka 911 Truth Action Project
Description of the arrangement with the foreign principal
No formal membership, directorship, managerial or employment relationships held.  Occasional small donations made and occasional voluntary work undertaken.
This foreign principal is a section 501(c)3 non-taxable charitable organization under US law and is not classified as a "political organization" in the USA but maybe judged to be so under this scheme.