Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Register Registration Record

Registrant - Organisation
Business name Australian Gas Networks Limited
Trading name
Foreign business registration number
Activity type General political lobbying
Activity start date 31/10/2020
Activity end date 31/10/2022
Activity description
 AGN, as lead participant in development of the Hydrogen Park Murray Valley project (the Project) with Engie, and as lead member of the Australian Hydrogen Centre (AHC) (of which Engie is a member) has various interactions with government departments and agencies with and on behalf of Engie. These activities include (without limitation) making submissions on energy policy and law (both formal written submissions and in-person meetings), making applications for state and Commonwealth government funding and fulfilling requirements of funding agreements with ARENA, delivering presentations and other knowledge sharing activities to/with government departments relating to the status of the Project and work of the AHC.
Foreign Principal
Foreign principal type Foreign government related entity
Foreign principal commencement date 23/09/2022
Foreign principal cease date 12/09/2023
Name of foreign principal ENGIE ENERGIE SERVICES S.A.
Trading name
Foreign business registration number
Description of the arrangement with the foreign principal
Engie is considered a foreign government related entity because the French government holds over 15% of the issued share capital of the company. AGN has various contractual relationships with Engie that may constitute registrable arrangements. In relation to the Hydrogen Park Murray Valley project, AGN is appointed the role of Lead Participant and may be appointed a role as Operator under an unincorporated joint venture agreement. In these roles, AGN carries out (or may carry out) various activities, including engagement with government, on behalf of Engie.