Pre-registration Questionnaire

This short questionnaire is intended to help potential registrants understand the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme and determine if they are required to register under the Scheme. The questionnaire illustrates the application of the Scheme to particular circumstances, and the fields and responses that are displayed depend on the answers that are selected.

The information provided through this questionnaire and in guidance material is general advice only. It does not take into account individual circumstances. Potential registrants may need to seek their own legal advice.

Step 1 - Review guidance material

‚ÄčTo assist with your registration, the Attorney-General's Department recommends you read the guidance material before you begin:
Please confirm you have read the following.


What activities are you undertaking?


Do any of the following exemption categories apply to your situation?


‚ÄčIs the reason you are undertaking the activities best described as being for the purpose of influencing a Federal political or governmental process in Australia?

Foreign Principal

Are you undertaking the activities on behalf of a foreign principal?

A foreign principal is any of the following:

  • A foreign government
  • A foreign political organisation
  • A foreign government related entity
  • A foreign government related individual

'On behalf of'  refers to any formal or informal relationship between yourself and the foreign principal where the intention of both parties is that you will undertake the activities.

Do I need to register?

Based on your response to the previous questions, you should register. Please create an account: